• In the provision of system equipment at the same time

    In the provision of system equipment at the same time, also provide customers with pre-sale technical advice, project planning, and after-sales service.

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  • Europe and the United States and other foreign wire

    Since the opening of the Company, the introduction of Japan, Europe and the United States and other foreign wire and cable equipment, advanced technology, has successfully launched the industry to the international advanced level of wire and cable equipment, the main products are extrusion, cable, cable and other wire and cable fixed equipment

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  • provide customers with pre-sale technical advice, project planning, and after-sales service.

    has successfully launched the industry to the international advanced level of wire and cable equipment, the main products are extrusion, cable, cable and other wire and cable fixed equipment The In the provision of system equipment at the same time, also provide customers with pre-sale technical advice, project planning, and after-sales service.

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  • Set wire and cable mechanical design, development, manufacturing, installation

    Set wire and cable mechanical design, development, manufacturing, installation, commissioning for the integration of high-tech enterprises. Since the opening of the Company, the introduction of Japan, Europe and the United States and other foreign wire and cable equipment, advanced technology,

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