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SM-2000 3 layers Air Bubble Film Machine or Bubble (sheet) Film Making Machine

This machine is suitable for LDPE and LLDPE plastic particles. This machine uses a molding process, high production efficiency, good quality products. Mechanical structure design scientific and reaconable, reliable operation balance , easy operation and maintenance . Widely used in home parcels precision inrtruments, bicycles, polyurethane furniture, and other packing.

Shanghai SHENMENG Machine Equipment Co,.Ltd is a professional enterprise specialized in plastic machinery designing, manufacturing and marketing. The company mainly produces air bubble film machine, stretch film machine, film blowing machine, plastic recycling granulating machine, bag making machine, printing machine, paking belt machine, compound film machine, stretch film rewinding machine, plastic crusher and washing line. Shanghai SHENMENG Machine Equipment Co,.Ltd has passed the CE, ISO9001 and other international quality system certification.

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